Cetraben Lotion Review


I've had Seborrheic Dermatitis on my scalp for years and I usually control it using medicated shampoo. But recently its been come more noticeable on my face, specifically around the sides of my nose and my forehead. As there's no definite cause or cure for Seborrheic Dermatitis I've had to try out a few products over the years. The most recent product is this Cetraben Lotion.

I love that the bottle has a pump, its so much more hygienic than tubs but the only problem is there's no indication of how much product is left. It comes in a 200ml size which is huge for a face cream, the biggest face cream I've had is 100ml so this will last for months!

I apply two pumps to my face, it is so light on the skin and rubs in with ease. It moisturises my skin without causing any redness or irritation. My primer goes on fine after applying this, without any flaking which I find with some moisturisers.

My skin is left moisturising using this, however I don't think this is a 'cure' for my Dermatitis but its definitely a great moisturiser for anyone with sensitive skin!

PS. I'm going away for a week so I've decided to use it for a blogging break so no new post until 9th July!

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  1. It's a shame that this product hasn't helped too much with your Dermatitis but at least it has worked as a good moisturiser overall. I hope you have a lovely time away and a nice blogging break :) x

  2. While you didn't find it helped much with your Dermatitis, it's fab that you can get so much product out of this bottle and use it as a moisturiser instead!

    Musings & More

  3. Shame that it didn't help you but have fun with your vacation! xx

  4. Too bad it wasn't what you hoped it would be. But its good to know its good for sensitive skin x

    Pink Frenzy