TonyMoly I'm Real Radiance Sheet Mask Review


I recently bought these masks from TK Maxx and couldn't wait to try them out. As I tried out the Vitality Mask and really enjoyed it.

This mask is the Tomato Radiance mask, promising to make skin smooth and radiant. It does have a slight scent to it, not necessarily a tomato scent though as its more pleasant. I do find the masks to be very damp, almost dripping with moisture before applying to my face.

I fit it to my face, not the best fit mask ever but it definitely stays on. I kept it on for 20 minutes and the mask was still saturated in moisture! It definitely makes my skin more radiant and moisturised. I definitely recommend it for use first thing in the morning as the residue settles in to the skin well and makes a great moisturised base for make up as it reduces appearance of fine lines.

I definitely recommend this mask and I even featured it in my Spring Favourites! Have you tried this mask?

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  1. I love the Tony Moly masks, they are amazing and yes, this one was great too.


  2. I've been wanting to get more into sheet masks. I haven't seen many skincare products with tomatoe as an ingredient. I'm curious to see what it does for the skin.

    1. Me neither, I've never seen it in skincare before x

  3. I think I'd find a tomato scent a bit weird so I'm quite glad it doesn't have that! Sheet masks are my favourite for ease!

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  4. This mask is sold where I work so I'll be picking it up to try soon!

    1. Great, I'd love to know what you think x

  5. Ooh, this mask sounds like a great option for the start of the day to ensure healthy looking skin! Thanks for the recommendation!



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