Soap & Glory The Rushower Dry Shampoo Review


I'm usually committed to my Batiste Dry Shampoo but when I seen that Soap & Glory had released this The Rushower Dry Shampoo based off their Original Pink (Rose and Bergamont) scent I had to try it!

The dry shampoo is available as a 200ml bottle or a travel size 50ml bottle. I opted to try the 200ml as it was on offer, £3 & buy one get one half price! The mini size is not that much cheaper at £2.50. So I definitely got a good deal!

I use this as I would my normal dry shampoo, shake the bottle, then spray it on to my roots from approx 15cm away. It appears almost invisible when sprayed on the roots. I massage it into my hair until its completely invisible. As soon as I spray it onto my roots, I can instantly smell the Rose and Bergamont scent. This dry shampoo features Touch Release technology which means the scent is released every time you ruffle your hair. I could smell the scent all day! 

In terms of making my roots less greasy I don't think its superior to the Batiste Shampoo so if my hair was super greasy I wouldn't necessarily opt for this. However I do prefer the scent of this! I am really enjoying using this, it really makes my hair smell so much fresher. I'm glad I bought two whilst its on offer. 

Have you tried this?

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  1. This sounds great I haven't seen it before but am a huge fan of Soap & Glory so will give it a try x

  2. The product looks amazing! I love the design of the cover and bottle and it sounds fabulous! :)

  3. This sounds like a good product, I love that scent! But I'm also faithful to my batiste dry shampoo :)

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  4. I had no idea that S&G made dry shampoo! Will have to check if it's available at my local drugstore.

  5. I normally use the Batiste Dry Shampoo too and this sounds like a great alternative. And it was definitely a good deal!! xx


    1. Yeah its good to alternate sometimes x

  6. I never actually realised S&G had released a dry shampoo so this is really interesting to read! Dry Shampoo can be such a saviour and one that smells so lovely is even better!

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  7. I had no idea that soap and glory did dry shampoos! They're one of my fave brands and I love their scents xx

  8. I love the idea of touch release technology as i'm a sucker for hair that smells good - but then who isn't? I'm loving the Co Lab range but this is another one to try after I've finished that x

  9. I never tried any dry shampoo yet but that sounds pretty cool especially for the flower perfume !

  10. Oooh, this sounds so much nicer than the brand I've tried, and you really can't beat the price you got it at!