Innisfree It's Real Manuka Honey Sheet Mask Review


I've been trying out different Korean face masks lately, and this brand, Innisfree, kept popping up when searching for different masks. I opted to buy a couple of the It's Real Manuka Honey Sheet Mask, as I've heard Manuka Honey does wonders for your skin!

I opened the mask expecting it to be sticky and yellow like honey, but it was actually clear with a slight honey smell. Similar to the Tonymoly Brocoli Mask it is a very moist mask and can be applied straight to your face. This mask fits fairly well around my eyes, though its still a bit big around my my mouth. 

I wore the mask for 20 minutes as I could feel it starting to get dry. I rubbed in the residual serum and my face was sticky for around 10 minutes. Once the serum had soaked in, my skin felt moisturised and looked brighter. Even the next day my skin looked brighter so I've been impressed with his mask!

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  1. Korean sheet masks are my favourite! They're awesome and super hydrating x

  2. I haven't tried this one, so I'm excited to hear your thoughts on it. I love masks.

  3. I haven't tried this one! I definitely need to! Xx

  4. This sounds lovely and great results.

    Gemma x

  5. i would love to try this

  6. I really need to get my hands on a few manuka honey masks, because they sound divine! Have a lovely weekend :)

  7. I really do love a good sheet mask! I so need to try these xx

    Gemma ♡ Miss Makeup Magpie

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