Soap & Glory Speed Plump All-Day Super Moisture Marvel Review


I've had this in my draw a while, Soap & Glory Speed Plump All-Day Super Moisture Marvel. I've recently started using it and thought I'd share my experiences.

The moisturiser is made up of watermelon-lentil-apple extracts that help deliver a 24-hour moisture surge, a plankton-rich marine plant to iron out wrinkles, hyaluronic acid, raspberry plant cell extracts to help skin generate hyaluronic acid, oxyginseng technology to increase circulation and cell respiration and shea butter for extra moisturise.

You only need a small amount as a little goes a long way! I find the smallest amount offers my skin moisture, smooths out fine lines and plumps my skin. Even if I top up my make up throughout the day, I don't get any dry patches when I have this moisturiser on.

Overall its a great moisturiser! I think it would make a great primer too, as it has glycerin in it.

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