Benefit Ultra Plush Coralista Lip Gloss Review


I bought this Benefit Ultra Plush Coralista Lip Gloss from Sephora in Rhodes. I thought it would be ideal for this summer plus it was 70% off!

Similar to other glosses, this gloss is packaged in a soft squeeze tube and you get 15ml of product. The gloss glides on to my lips with ease. I was expecting a strong coral colour but this is actually more subtle which is lovely. It is very sheer on the lips which makes it really hydrating without feeling sticky.

The gloss lasts a few hours but does need to be topped up after eating and drinking which is what I'd expect from a lip gloss. Overall I really like this gloss for the summer but if you're looking for a strong coral colour this isn't for you, its much more sheer but lovely nonetheless. 

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  1. Thanks for the honest review. Looks like this is just a typical lip gloss, not pigmented- but still looking fine and hydrating. :)


  2. I`m not a big fan of glosses, except the NYX ones. But Benefit is a great brand and if it was on sale, I think you made a good deal.

  3. Looks pretty and sounds like a steal! The blush is gorgeous too x

  4. I think it looks nice even though it's more on the sheer side!

  5. Thank you for the honest review! It does look great on you but I personally am not a fan of lipgloss in general.

    Shireen⎜Reflection of Sanity

  6. I've not tried this but I am glad to hear it's not sticky. Great sheer colour! /MadisonFASHION TALES

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  8. I adore glosses and most likely always will haha. This one sounds fabulous, especially as it lasts for a few hours - that's impressive!!

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